Client with Fibromyalgia:

"I have been attending Reflexology weekly;  I live with pain in my neck, upper back, hips and knees... searing pain between my shoulders the GP gave me a variety of drugs... no thanks. I needed a therapy that works systemically as Fibromyalgia attacks the whole of my body;  i have tried counselling and psychotherapy.. forget it... when you feel your world is crumbling around you Nicola is just what you need.   The therapy sessions are in a relaxed peaceful environment..  Reflexology is definity not just about your feet, the bumps and sore points Nicola finds could be anywhere in your body.  Amazing as a nurse its been an eye opener... I am extremely grateful to Nicola because the future is positive now and I have found a therpay that works and finally a professional that delivers!"


Client who has Autism and Learning Difficulties states;

"We have been a couple of times now and had a couple of sessions of reflexology, she has really enjoyed going to see nicola and has seemed very relaxed after her sessions.   I have also visited Nicola on my own and had some treatments which enable me to have some chill out time.   I highly recommend Nicola as a very professional and conscientious therapist."


"I would highly recommend Nicola, I have been coming for regular Reflexology Treatments now for a year and am amazed by how much it helps me - I feel so much more relaxed and rejuvenated....... it has really helped with my back problems"


"I have been treated by Nicola for the last year and found it has really helped my hayfeaver and reduced my symptoms - I would recommend her for reflexology as this has really helped me"


"Nicola has a gentle touch and calming way about her - the treatment room is lovely and welcoming,  I treat myself to massages and have tried Reiki which is absolutely blisssful!!!"

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